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Solo Albariño



frore de carmeVintage considered excellent in the Denomination of Origin RIAS BAIXAS. Climatology adapted in the Subsector Val do Salnés, where are our vineyards, with good humidity in grounds and dry summer, giving rise to magnificent conditions for the maturity and sharpened of the grape albariño.

Vendimia of this harvest of 2005 was made manually during the third week of the month of September, and with a well-taken care of selection of grapes in the field.

With its characteristics totally defined, in the autumn of 2006 it was come to the bottling.

"With this vintage we initiated the commercialization of this brand and its presentation in a bottle of own design, with an innovative plugging system made of airtight glass, favourable to wine evolution since it does not facilitate the oxidation and ,in addition, avoiding the TCA (cork tasting)

Besides, years ago we pioneered the launching of a wine bottle with a thermo sensitive labelling (our first albariño marketed) now in this new presentation a fish will appear, made visible only when the optimal serving temperature is reached."


The result has been a wine whose personality comes defined by the following considerations:

When touching the glass it shows joy, force and life, a warning of the nature of the wine we are about to find out.

Its colour is greenish yellow very clean and bright with hues in the glass bowl that remind us of green sea. To that sea so close to its vineyards of origin.

The scents that it gives off are intense and persistent, typical of the grape albariño, full of character. They unfold a range of attractive, elegant and complex sensations. Freshness and sensations of the Atlantic Ocean that urge you to immediately long for its tasting. In its scents the grape albariño is shown as it is in the vineyard with those well balanced sensations of sweetness and sharpness. Memories of fresh forests of eucalyptuses are very present.

The entrance in mouth shows, at a first tasting stage, all the attractive and complexity of shades that it had already forecasted visually and with its emanation of scents. Its bouquet is full of shades, memories and personality of a wine of past ages, "Albariño enxebre" along with the freshness, vitality, strength, elegance and extent of an up to date wine.

As the wine breathes in the glass , with attractive and freshness always present, the own shades of albariño start showing : extent, sweetness, eucalyptuses, fine mint, depth, simultaneous presence of both mature and fresh grape, strength and sharpness, recalls of Atlantic breeze. All these characteristics make us consider that we are before a n important wine, fully differentiate all along its evolution: Character, shade complexity, life and elegance, typical of the grape and wine Albariño.

After tasting the memories that remain are persistent and full of pleasant sensations that invite us to enjoy it again.


D. O. Rías Baixas
D. O. C. Alentejo
D.E. Orujo de Galicia
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