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   The aguardiente* of orujo* is protected by the Denomination of Origin “Orujo of Galicia” and is elaborated by the distillation of orujos* controlled by this denomination

  The systems and techniques used in the elaboration are based on the traditional practices of simple distillation. What allows to obtain a product of Maxima quality conserving the specific characteristics of the aguardientes* of orujo.

The care process of elaboration and the well-taken care of selection of the bagazo* give like east result exceptional aguardiente* of complex, elegant, powerful aroma and smooth appearance of fragrances, perfectly harmonized with floral and fruit memory and memories of the grape from which it comes. When palate he is explosive, ample. Long and delicious aftertaste.

*Orujo: Spanish term for grape skins or husks. This solid residue of the grape can be unfermented (fresh orujos ) or already fermented (fermented orujos ). Orujo spirit or aguardiente , known generically in Spain as orujo , of which the most well-known is made in Galicia, comes from the distillation of fermented orujos .

*Aguardiente: Destilated of orujo.

*Bagazo: the same as orujo

D. O. Rías Baixas
D. O. C. Alentejo
D.E. Orujo de Galicia
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