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  It is a espirituosa drink elaborated by means of maceration and/or distillation of a mixture of brandy of orujo, coffee, plants and fruits.

The white brandy of Albariño macerates with selected grains of different types of coffee from where it takes his color and fine, penetrating, characteristic, clean and intense aroma to tropical coffees of smooth, elegant and delicate flavor, macerated with fruits and plants. The coffee provides a stimulating tonic action to him. The end is long, very pleasant and aromatic.

  It is made by means of maceration and/or distillation of a variety of plants and fruits extracted by distillation of the bagasse of the grape Albariño and macerated with medicinal wild grass from which it takes his greenish yellow color and its fan of aromas and flavors to tea, manzanilla, cinnamon, grass luisa, up to twenty grass that makes complex in mouth, of exquisite, total flavor of calidez combined with floral notes in nose. The posttaste is long and very elegant.

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