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The three works of Familiar Adega Eladio Piñeiro.

 Specific vines in specific zones of quality and origin.

“It is a journey of our time with remembrances of the past, using traditional varieties, respecting the Terroir, it is elaborated and grown for greatness and open mindedness”

D.O. RIAS BAIXAS only Albariño, it represents our origins in wine growing. This autochthonous and noble variety has inspired love in Eladio Piñeiro since his childhood. During his school holidays and due to working reasons he visited the houses of the farmers who told him stories about this variety whose loose vines were kept after the phylloxera and of which the peasants tried to grow just enough for self consumption. This wine was the finest elixir they had ever known and so they made it for their celebrations, invitations and gifts. Peculiarly enough, they use to keep it buried for several years until it became the perfect matching to their gastronomy specially in significant commemorations, evolving into a ritual. Eladio Piñeiro, having witnessed all this since he was a boy, grew up seduced and fascinated by the cult these local people rendered to their wine, to the extent that he knew his life would be bound to this myth of El Salnés.

D.O.C. ALENTEJO In this region of Portugal something similar to ourorigins with Albariño happened, only it was twenty years later. In 1995 Eladio Piñeiro bought a quinta (farm) in Monçao with an ancient plantation of Albariño and elaborated Quintessencia his brand for the Portuguese market. In this way he got the opportunity to discover the country and its wines, among them there was a variety that enchanted him, the Alentejo, which urges him to travel across the Alentejo countryside, town after town, vineyard after vineyard since he knew that this was the best possible area to create a very special Red wine due to the abundance of native varieties, which Portugal has successfully preserved, the richness of its soil and to its microclimate. We are manufacturers of thoroughbred Red wines, with expression and fruit, spicy and silky, elaborated exclusively with grapes from a single property vineyard more than 25 years old, to make an unforgettable Estate Wine.

D.G. ORUJO the distillation by the Galician traditional method has alwaysbeen inherent to the elaboration of our wines, because along with the Albariño orujos we´ve always distilled an Aqua vitae (Water of life) and obtained the first artisan liquor demanded by the finest restaurants. It was commercialized in an still shaped bottle and elaborated from herbs and fruits following an ancestral recipe passed down through generations until an “Aguardenteiro” (a person who travels the countryside making liquor with his own still) due to the friendship that linked him with my family and having died without issue bequeathed it to us.


It is our objective to follow it both in the farm and in the wine cellar that´s why we practice it in smallholdings in the El Salnés area and in the vines of the farm of “Pombal” in Estremoz, Alentejo. We practice precision viticulture, we obtain the yield that the vines would produce if they were very old, we do not use aggressive sulphates and we respect the natural surroundings. Besides, we follow the traceability norms scrupulously

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D. O. Rías Baixas
D. O. C. Alentejo
D.E. Orujo de Galicia
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